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What is Affspace?
Affspace is a partner program, that offers personal NUTRA offers from all around the world.
Do I need a tracker to get started?
For our webmasters we offer partner discounts from Peerclick
Can I use my own landing page?
Yes, you can use your own webs for offers, with which you want to work. We also can make a design for the landing page, if it’s necessary.
Do you transfer landing pages?
In Affspace we try to transfer all of the landing pages and gaskets for each offer and under all countries
What do I need to get started?
Affspace invites each webmaster to join our affiliate network. Just register and start to make money with us!
What verticals do you specialize in?
We focus on the inside and work with direct advertisers offering COD and SS offers for our partners.
How often can I withdraw earned funds?
We process payments once a day upon request. The minimum withdrawal amount is $5
What do I need in order to launch the first campaign?
Register on the platform, then our managers will contact you. Say what exactly you want to promote and discuss the best solutions for cooperation.
Do you support integration by API and POSTBACK URL?
Yes, we support integration by API and Postback URL on our platform. Inside the cabinet you will find full instruction for configuration.

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