Top 5 SEO Tools

Top 5 SEO Tools

Hey guys, I hope you are doing well with your ongoing campaigns and getting huge ROIs. Today I wanted to talk about the modern favorite topic - SEO. Everybody knows that being on the first page of Google means that you are the winner. A lot of people start their blogs, make original content that readers like and eventually start to sell goods through a blog. There is nothing bad about selling goods through your blogs. I believe that SEO traffic can give you more leads then Facebook Ads, or Google Ads, however, you need to know how to make a proper website that Google will index and place in the search. Back in 2015, it was enough just to update keywords from time to time to get on top of the game. But today rules have dramatically changed and if you want to get on the first page of Google you need to know the rules and what Google wants to see for websites that are on the first page. 

Today I will tell you about 5 SEO tools that will help you get to the first page of Google. 


#1 Ahrefs 

A very useful resource that offers useful SEO tools, including a backlink checker. If you need to check backlinks of your website and see how many domains refer to yours go to Ahrefs. It shows the strength of your domain and helps to find websites that mention yours. I personally like to use Ahrefs to check how many domains refer to mine. It also gives some stats like domain score and the number of backlinks in total. The best thing about Ahrefs is that it offers a free version of its backlink checker. 


#2 Serpstat

This is not only a useful SEO tool, but it also offers help in optimization of your pay-per-click and content campaigns. Serpstat collects keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, check the value of each keyword, suggest keywords to expand semantic core, analyze keyword trends, check the relevance of a webpage, show what pages are shown in the search for a keyword. This tool might be also good for your Facebook and Google campaigns. Overall, I’d say it is a must-have tool if you want to grow your website Serpstat will be a helpful tool.

#3 SEM Rush

Best way to check your competitors and how much organic traffic they receive. I personally use it to check who has organic traffic, and who does not work with SEO at all. Also, it gives good suggestions about keywords. Overall, it is a must-have tool, that will help to tailor your website and gain attention from search engines. And most importantly, SEMRush offers most of its services for free. 

#4 SEOquake 

Best browser extension that could be used to research competitors. It offers in-depth details like number of backlinks, google index, SEMRush rank, Alexa rank, domain age and much more. I love to use this tool to check my competitors right from the start, so I could see where I should start my analysis of a website. The best thing about this extension is that it is free.


#5 Seed Keywords 

The best way to find out what keywords you have to include in your content is this tool. Build up a scenario like what kind of search request your potential client may type in Google. For example, if you look for a pair of gloves what would you type in your search? You can find the best way to describe products on your website by using this tool. I use it to write articles to include more keywords and appear more in search. And the best thing, you do not need to pay for it, because Seed Keywords is free!


And this is my personal top 5 of tools that I use for my websites. Hope you have learned something new about tools and will start using them to boost your SEO ranking. Remember, that the first 3-4 months will be hardest because search algorithms will not pay attention to your website. Do not give up if you struggle with your ranks, because once you start to work with your content and provide new quality information, you will nail SEO. The most important part, you will be able to monetize your website and make a decent profit from organic traffic.