Nutra 101

Nutra 101

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Affiliate marketing is made up of different verticals that bring stable profit to affiliates. A lot of affiliates like to work with gambling, sweepstakes, dating, etc. Nutra is one of those verticals that always brings profit to people who work in this vertical. Nutra has a wide range of offers like skincare, adult products, health and beauty products. Today we will talk about nutra vertical and tell how to choose offers and get high ROI.

For those who work with nutra, it is not a secret that this vertical has strict requirements, but it offers a really big payout. This is a unique industry and it is important to always be open-minded and ready to learn something new. You face a challenge to find high-quality leads that will order a product from your landing. The industry always changes and it is a chance to stay on top and receive high quality leads all the time. However, you need to always follow trends and see what is going on, to attract quality traffic. 

If you are a beginner in this vertical, you should not be afraid of it, there are no complicated procedures. Nutra is a relatively easy vertical to start with and great for professionals. There are several ways in which clients pay for products like “Cash on Delivery” (COD) and “Straight Sale” (SS). COD is a common model where a client pays once the delivery arrives. SS is a model in which a client pays right away. To start work with nutra vertical, you need to understand what can work better a combination of pre-landing and landing pages or just a landing page with a form.

Before you choose an offer and start a campaign you need to analyze the market. Understand what are the needs of each GEO and check what products are popular there. Check prices to see if your offer can compete with other products on the market. Once you check everything you can start to prepare for a campaign. 

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Important to remember, while you choose offers, you need to understand what GEO is working for you. Some people can get over 200% ROI on competitive GEOs and earn a decent profit every day, and some are more comfortable to work in less competitive markets. Once you figure out your GEO and offer you are ready for the launch.

As an affiliate, you can choose different ways to promote the product, like blogging or ad campaigns. In a blog, you can write about a product and leave a referral link for purchase. The best part about blogging is the fact that you receive organic traffic that has an interest in a product. In ad campaigns, you can use your imagination in different ways. There are a lot of traffic channels and formats that can bring cheap leads. Pop-unders, native ads, push notifications are some examples of what you can use to get leads.

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