Google plans to launch new type of ads

Google plans to launch new type of ads

Google has announced its plans to bring the Discover feed, the personalized news feed perched right on the Google mobile homepage. The company announced ads were coming to this whole new surface that reaches some 800,000 monthly mobile users. 

It’s still too early to say if Google, which watched Facebook’s News Feed ads skyrocket, can win in the mobile feed race this time around, but advertisers who have been testing ads in the feed with new Discovery campaigns tell us they’re impressed with the initial results. 

You may not have even seen ads in your own Discover feed yet, much less run Discovery campaigns, which remain in closed beta. The ads are still elusive more than a year after initial testing (since at least October 2018) and the official introduction of Discovery campaigns at Google Marketing Live (GML) in May.

Discover is personalized to show topics, stories and news items based on a user’s search, browsing and app behaviors, as well as their location history and location settings and stated topic interests. The native Discovery ads are image-heavy and closely resemble social creatives.

Will Discover feed be useful for affiliates?

It can be used as a new channel for mobile traffic for any offers, it is the question of initial tests with different settings and creatives. The Discover feed may become the second home for affiliates after Facebook.